Gift buying

•March 30, 2010 • 2 Comments

As I mentioned in other posts I’ve been working since I’m 16 years old and when I graduated high school I’ve been working full time…I’ve never been without work. Now since having a baby I’ve been a SAHM and love it…and I know how very lucky I am to be able to stay home. At Christmas time a fill-in job came up so I did work for 3 days to make some money to buy my husband his Christmas gifts. His birthday is in April & there doesn’t seem to any fill-in jobs available.

The reason for this post is I’m wondering what stay at home moms do when their husband’s (boyfriend’s or significant other’s) birthday, Christmas & Father’s Day comes? I feel funny using our bank account to buy him gifts when he’s the one that put all the money in there.

I know our job is much harder than their job & more rewarding than money but, when it comes down to it buying gifts require money & that’s the only thing being a SAHM does not give.

So what do you Stay At Home Moms do when it comes to buying your Husband/Boyfriend/Significant Other gifts?


Getting on track

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It’s March & spring is here so I need to really haul ass & lose this weight. The day AFTER I gave birth to Fiona I weighed 210. Then about 3 weeks later I started dieting. I haven’t been strict about it & gave it very minimal effort but I have lost. At the moment I’m 166.2 so since August 2009 I’ve lost a total of 43.8 lbs. That’s pretty good but very slow. I’d like to be at least 145 and being 5’8″ that’s a good weight for me. My pre-pregnancy weight was somewhere between 140 & 145 (that was after losing 30lbs for my wedding which was the month before) so once I get to 145 I’ll see how I feel. I’m now going to record my Weight Watcher points & use my iWatchr iPhone app. (if you do the Weight Watchers program then it’s the perfect app. No monthly fees like the actual Weight Watchers app requires). The past 7 months I haven’t logged or counted points, I just ate the meals & snacks I used to eat when I was counting points. Yesterday I wrote my meals down… I thought I was doing great but I had actually taken from my extra weekly points.
I know the Weight Watcher program works great for me so I need to really do the program & not half ass like I have been. I need to lose 2 lbs a week to get to my goal by June 1st.
I set up some mini goals and rewards when I reach them….
1.) The 1st reward is adding text messaging plan to my cell phone. At&t has a 200 text for $5 a month. I removed that plan when free text messaging apps became available in the app store. I’ve been using the apps for over a year now but it’s been a pain in the butt. So when I get to 160 I’ll add it to my plan.
2.) My next goal is when I get to 153 I’ll get the InStyler hot iron. The infomercials look great & having curly hair but straighten it all the time this iron looks perfect for me.
3.) When i get to my ultimate goal of 145 I’ll have my teeth bleached. Before having Fiona I smoked for 17 years so my teeth are effed up! When I take pictures I always keep my mouth closed. I never got them done before because there was no point, they’d get yellow again. I’ve done the home kits & they’ve been pretty good but I want them done good!
As for exercise I have Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. I started it & did it every day for a week until Aunt Flo arrived. Well Aunt Flo has been gone for a week & I haven’t started back. I have been walking a lot this past week because the weather has been 70*.

I WILL lose this weight!!!! I will be a hot momma!!

Hair dye

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I’ve been coloring my hair since I was probably 15 years old. It started with sun in spray which is the worst for my hair because I have a reddish tint to my brown hair. Then as the years went on I got lighter & lighter and became blond. About 7 years ago I went back to brown since it’s the easiest to keep up (gosh I’m making myself sound old, ha!). My favorite hair color is brown with highlights but it’s so expensive to keep up. My problem is I like my color to be dark brown w/ the highlights but after a while the dark brown seems to fade so then the ends get brassy. So then I have to dye my entire hair again & get highlights. If I could just do my roots when they came in then I would keep it up but because the color fades after a while I can’t.
So during the winter I’m trying to dye my own hair. I’m not working so I’m trying to save money in certain places. I have a lot of hair (even tho I chopped off a lot a couple months ago) so I need to boxes of color. I used Revlon #50 this time instead of #51 I used last time but I still got a reddish tint. The color is Light Ash Brown but looks pretty dark. I’m going to continue to do my hair for a while trying different colors until I find the one I like. I will get this!! I’m thinking of trying the highlighting too but I’ll do one thing at a time.

Fiona’s Cry

•February 14, 2010 • 2 Comments

Last night I freaked out really bad & it’s still really bothering me, I just can’t get it out of my head. I was making dinner & Fiona was sleeping in her swing in the living room. The smoke detector went off because the oven was cooking the food too fast (I think it’s messed up) & a piece of the shredded cheese that fell off burnt (dinner was still delish, had chicken cordon blue). The sound woke Fiona up so my husband went in with her. All of a sudden a few minutes later she started crying. I figured she was hungry so I made a bottle. The cry just got stronger & harder. I went in with the bottle but she didn’t want it, just continued to cry. He got up & started walking around and towards her room to change her but that didn’t help at all. She had only been crying for maybe a minute at this point but the way she was trying to catch her breath it sounded like she had been crying for much longer. He put her down to change her diaper which usually helps because she likes to be nude and on her changing table but that didn’t help either. I made my sounds & sang to her while he changed her but nothing helped. We both did all the little things she usually loves but we couldn’t get her to stop. Finally after about 15 minutes she stopped…the longest 15 minutes ever. Then the rest of the evening she was fine, her very normal happy self and she slept well last night too.
If this was just a normal sounding strong cry I wouldn’t be so freaked out by this. The way this cry was really scared me. The sound had vowels & sounds she makes like she was trying to talk to us. The fact these sounds were accompanied with a loud & hysterical cry got me very uncomfortable. I always hear on the baby shows from TLC that the doctors listen to the way the baby cries when they come out & if it sounds a certain way it means the baby has something wrong. I was so close to calling the doctor or taking her to the emergency room but my husband said to give her a little time.
Fiona has been such a great baby her entire 6 months so I was not prepared for this. Maybe she had gas..Maybe the smoke bothered her..Maybe she had a headache..Maybe a tummy ache? Like I mentioned before, if it was just a normal heavy cry I’d be sad but ok…it’s just the “iay e i e i i e iay diii dii” that went along with it isn’t sitting right with me.

Current Weight Loss

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I’m doing pretty good on my diet even though I’m not exercising. It’s slow but pretty steady losing about 1 pound a week or between 3-5 lbs a month. My pre pregnancy weight was 140ish but that was after losing 30 lbs a couple months before. As I mentioned in a previous post I was over 210 when I gave birth to Fiona..the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life! When I started my diet in the end of October I was 195. Being 5’8″ helps an itsy bitsy teeny tiny bit but I love being thin. As they say “nothing tastes as good as being thin” & that’s the truth.
The way I’m doing Weight Watchers is different. Instead of my pig out day after I weigh in (at home) I pick during the week. I guess I’m using my 35 extra points spread out instead of all in 1 day. I’ve been cooking a lot where as before we would always be eating out. If I’m not cooking then we have a frozen dinner where he’ll have a Hungry Man and I’ll have a Lean Cuisine 4 Cheese pizza..I’m so lucky my husband likes frozen dinners. When I do cook which is about 5-6 times a week it’s either chicken or pork chops. We are both very picky & plain eaters so there aren’t a ton of things I make. The things I do make are baked & if they need to be breaded I use egg whites only. We use spray butter on everything, I use Pam so things don’t stick, skim milk cheese (he doesn’t know that), high fiber spaghetti…everything I learned from weight watchers. Every night I have desert which is a nice big bowl of Breyers Fat Free vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup (just bought lite Hershey’s syrup which is 1/2 calories & pretty good). Also for a snack during the day I have Lays fat free potato chips which are the BEST in the world. When I eat them I feel like I’m being bad but I’m not! A serving is only 1 point (& I’m sure I have at least 2 or 3, hehe).
I do try & exercise but I’ve been slacking a lot. Since it’s so cold I don’t want to go outside, especially with Fiona. I do have to walk our 2 dogs twice a day & if it’s ok outside I’ll bring them in then me & Fiona will walk around the block a few times since shes dressed but that’s only 1 or 2 times a week since it got cold. For Christmas my husband got me the Your Shape for Wii but I’ve only used it a couple times. It’s hard to do during the day with Fiona because her naps areso wacky and at night I feel funny doing it in front of my husband…excuses excuses.
I need to step it up because I’d like to be at least 150.

(I typed this on my iPhone so excuse misspellings &/or run ons, I’ll check when I get on my laptop :))

Tummy Time Pictures

•December 31, 2009 • 2 Comments

Boppy Pillow Mosaic

I’m terrible with doing tummy time with Fiona. Because she hates it I don’t do it, ever. I just feel so bad “making” her do something she doesn’t want to do. I know she’s supposed to do it to strengthen her upper torso & neck muscles….but when I put her down she gets so frustrated. She’s laying there grunting, dropping her head to the ground practically banging it on the floor. Even though I have the activity & an area rug down (we have all hardwood floors) it’s still really hard.

For Christmas we got her a Boppy Pillow Activity Mat (it was mentioned by her doctor to put something under her). Today I put her on it & she loved it. She stayed on her tummy much longer than she ever has. It just made me feel so much better because I knew she was happy.

Video while at work

•December 30, 2009 • 2 Comments

Before I left the house the other day to go to work for my 2nd day I asked my husband to please email me pictures throughout the day of Fiona. As I mentioned in my last post it was so hard leaving my baby for so many hours. I’m just so glad & so lucky that I don’t have to do it everyday like some moms do. At the moment I will just continue to be a fill in from time to time for a little extra cash.

The 1st picture was sent about an hour after I left. When Fiona wakes up she is so happy. I like leaving while she’s still asleep because watching her smile at me while walking down the stairs to leave would just kill me. The next 2 pictures are of her in her new Christmas gift, an activity jumper. This is the only pink/girl big thing we bought for Fiona. Since the plan is to have another child right away (after Fiona is a year or so) I wanted to have all the expensive things unisex. The only things that are girly are her clothes (of course), her bedding & nursery, blankets & stuff like that. The stroller, car seat, swing, bouncer and all that are gender neutral just in case we have a boy next….now you know since I did this the next child will be another girl, hehe!

Then I got a video which was great. Not the greatest quality, he used his new Motorola Droid, but it was so nice to see my baby girl in action….

I love technology!