I’m a beginner & just started jogging about 2 weeks ago. I’ve worked my way up to going about 2 miles non stop. I’d love to become a “real runner” at some point & really be in shape. I quit smoking almost 2 years ago & really proud of how well I’m doing…I used to be out of breath when I’d jog a block so being able to go for 2 miles is awesome for me. At the moment I’m trying to lose weight too.
I was going to start the C25K program but instead I just tried jogging on the treadmill. The 1st day I started with jogging during the commercials on The Wendy Williams Show. Then 2 days later I just tried going for as long as I could which I did 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe I did 10 minutes without stopping. The next time I tried going 1 mile then another time I went 1.5 miles. I have NO IDEA how I’ve been able to do this but Im doing it! I don’t have a treadmill at home & my parents live 40 minutes away so I needed to start jogging outside in my neighborhood. I mentioned on Twitter how chicken I was to try & jog but since I was able to do 1.5 miles on the treadmill I figured I’d be able to go at least .5 miles outside. I just didn’t want to look like a fool running a few feet & stopping and the same person seeing me stop only a few feet away. Well the other day I gave it a try. I made myself an iPod strap to put on my arm & went outside. I already had an idea of the route I’d take so I took off. I went slow going about a 12 minute mile and to my surprise I was able to go a mile non stop. I stopped to walk a bit & tried going again but it was tough. It was really hot & humid that morning so I just kept stopping. The next day it wasn’t that hot & humid so it went better. I went almost 1.5 miles that day. I realized that it takes me about 1/2 mile to really get in the groove and I can’t stop to walk for a bit when I get a tired because then I have a hard time picking it up again. I just need to maybe slow it down a little bit & breathe and once I’m back in the groove again I keep it going. Yesterday I was up at my parents & I could’ve used their treadmill but I really love it outside. I had my Nike Plus with me so I went around their block a few times. Going around 1 time is about 1/2 mile & I was able to jog non stop 4 times! That last time around was tough but i just kept moving. I knew if i stopped for even a minute I wouldn’t be able to get going again. I was so excited to have went 2 miles! I then walked around 1 time to total 2.6 miles.
I really enjoy jogging outside. I’ve been dreaming about the day I got a house because then I’d buy a treadmill but I’m loving it outside. I am now addicted to outside jogging! Who needs a treadmill?! (maybe in the winter I’ll want a treadmill again..hehe)

I have some questions if anyone reading could answer….

1. Is it better to go faster or longer? I plan on staying at my current pace for a while which is between 11-12 minute miles & working on my distance, but at some point would it be better to go further or faster? (and yes I know both would be best)

2. I’m using Nike Plus to track my workouts. I’m starting with a 1/4 mile walk & ending with a 1/2 mile walk and tracking it the entire time with the Nike+. Do you only track the jogging with the Nike Plus so you don’t bring your pace down? It seems like the Nike+ does an average of the entire workout which makes my entire workout slower.


~ by J.D. on June 23, 2010.

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