Scale’s not moving

I’m getting very frustrated these days. I know losing inches is much more important than seeing the scale go down…and don’t get me wrong I’m very happy about that but it doesn’t help me with weight watchers…
I like going to weight watchers. I like having that “deadline” where I have to be weighed in front of someone a specific day each week. I up’d my lifetime weight from 142 (which was picked when I was 20 years old and became a lifetime member) to 150 thinking I’d only have to pay the $40 for 2 months because I could lose 15 pounds in that time. I’ve lost 30 pounds in 2-3 months in the past so that 15 should come off in no time, especially since I’m working out like never before. Nope! This past month I’ve only lost about 6 pounds.
If weight watchers didn’t go by weight alone then I wouldn’t mind so much because I have lost inches. I took pictures of myself before starting 30 day shred then I took more pictures wearing the same stuff yesterday & I can see a difference. I’m also measuring myself & see that my measurements are going down. I also went shopping the other day because my size 16 jeans were just wayyyy too big so I needed a new pair and I fit perfectly in a size 12. But weight watchers doesn’t go by these things and spending $40 a month when I’m not working isn’t cool. I’m already spending a pretty penny on certain healthy foods.
There’s only a couple days left of 30 day shred so I’m gonna finish. I’m hoping I’m just gaining muscle which I know is heavier. After I finish the shred I’ll be switching things around between The Biggest Loser’s Cardio Max DVD & trying c25k. I also plan on doing the shred 3 times a week but I’m gonna give all weight stuff a rest for about 2 weeks to see if I see any change on the scale. If I do then I’ll be happier to know that it is just muscle gain and get back to using my weights…but if it’s not then I need to really figure out what I’m doing wrong with my weight watchers points.
I’m just a spoiled brat & had it easy in the past. Now I gotta really work hard to lose this weight. Having a baby really screwed up my body! What’s funny is I’m trying to lose all this weight to get fit & then plan on trying for baby #2 around the end of summer…haha!


~ by J.D. on May 29, 2010.

One Response to “Scale’s not moving”

  1. If you’re seeing you lost inches, that’s fantastic! Sadly Weight Watchers can only go by the scale, so we’re stuck with that as our gauge. I know when I seriously lifted weights, I would go for weeks without losing any scale weight, then have it all show up in one week! If you weren’t seeing any changes at all, I would have suggested you see your doctor to make sure everything was OK. But you’re doing all the right things. Sorry, hon, but just keep working program and it’ll show up eventually!

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