Dress too warmly

I have a real problem with getting Fiona dressed since the nice weather is back. My main problem is when it’s somewhere between 55-75 degrees. I’m always cold! My husband teases me when he goes outside in shorts (in 65-70 degree weather) & I got out with a light sweatshirt. It’s not summer yet. Since he’s always hot he complains that I have too much clothes on Fiona. The doctor said you should always have a layer more of clothes on a baby than you’d wear so that’s what I do. It may be a problem though when you’re always cold…Fiona has proved it to me by sweating so now I’ll usually dress her the same as I’m dressed which is still too much in my husband’s eyes. I think it’s better for her to be too warm & sweat a little because then I can always take stuff off…if she’s cold she can’t tell me & there’s no way for me to know (unless she cries). I’m also in denial I think because I’m always dressing her too warm because I’m always having to take something off! When it is breezy or slightly chilly I have hats I put on her. It may look silly when she has a hat on in 65 degree weather but she has no hair!
Am I the only one having this problem? What do you do?


~ by J.D. on April 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Dress too warmly”

  1. Where we live the weather can change quickly and be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon… I’m layering as much as I can to give flexibility. If she seems too warm, then definitely take something off. But I agree it is hard to tell sometimes where that perfect balance is!

  2. So funny ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just like you! I am always cold myself so I dress the baby warm too. It’s high of 12C today (or 55F) and we go out in our winter puffy coats. I’m thinking of putting it away sometime this week though. Our 16 month old has been sick a lot too with the common cold and so have I. That gives me one more reason to dress warmer. I also have cold urticaria so I break out in hives in cold weather. I had to take an antihistamine today!

    I do worry that the baby is too hot but he has never had a heat rash. I always feel behind his neck to see if he is sweating. His hands and feet are always cold, just like mine. I have terrible blood circulation. I always check the weather before choosing his clothes for the day. Dressing in layers is a smart idea. When it gets warmer, you can peel the layers off one by one and then leave one by one at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I would agree with your husband! For Tristan (6 1/2mo right now) if it’s 65 degrees out he is usually in a onesie w/pants or overalls. MAYBE socks but he usually kicks or pulls them off.

    I think it’s actually better to be slightly chilly than overheated. Being overheated can cause a NUMBER of health issues I believe (if it’s for long periods of time).

  4. First off, that picture is absolutely ADORABLE! Now, to answer your question, as soon as it started getting warm here (upper 70’s to mid 80’s) I was dressing Gavin in shorts and T’s. He seems to be fine during the day. When it’s a little chillier I put a short sleeve shirt on and long pants and socks only if we leave the house. Night time is where I was struggling…I get hot at night so I thought he would too, but he started waking up 2-3 times a night again and I read it could be because he was cold. Sure enough I put his warmer pj’s on him at night again and it helped.

  5. Omg, how cuuuute!!!!! She is the most adorable little baby girl I’ve ever seen!

    Its funny that you blogged about this as I have the same problem. It’s difficult for me to gage the right amount of layers to put on our son, because I tend to always be cold as well. So I prefer to err on the side of “warmth” and add that extra layer. If he seems hot (based on his skin clammy or hair sweaty) than I’ll remove something…. but because I hate being cold so much I am always anxious he is experiencing the same.

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