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I’ve been terrible at blogging here so I hope to pick it back up again. I’m not sure why I don’t because it’s not like I’m super busy or anything…besides running around after my toddler.
So here we go…I will try again 😀



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I’m a beginner & just started jogging about 2 weeks ago. I’ve worked my way up to going about 2 miles non stop. I’d love to become a “real runner” at some point & really be in shape. I quit smoking almost 2 years ago & really proud of how well I’m doing…I used to be out of breath when I’d jog a block so being able to go for 2 miles is awesome for me. At the moment I’m trying to lose weight too.
I was going to start the C25K program but instead I just tried jogging on the treadmill. The 1st day I started with jogging during the commercials on The Wendy Williams Show. Then 2 days later I just tried going for as long as I could which I did 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe I did 10 minutes without stopping. The next time I tried going 1 mile then another time I went 1.5 miles. I have NO IDEA how I’ve been able to do this but Im doing it! I don’t have a treadmill at home & my parents live 40 minutes away so I needed to start jogging outside in my neighborhood. I mentioned on Twitter how chicken I was to try & jog but since I was able to do 1.5 miles on the treadmill I figured I’d be able to go at least .5 miles outside. I just didn’t want to look like a fool running a few feet & stopping and the same person seeing me stop only a few feet away. Well the other day I gave it a try. I made myself an iPod strap to put on my arm & went outside. I already had an idea of the route I’d take so I took off. I went slow going about a 12 minute mile and to my surprise I was able to go a mile non stop. I stopped to walk a bit & tried going again but it was tough. It was really hot & humid that morning so I just kept stopping. The next day it wasn’t that hot & humid so it went better. I went almost 1.5 miles that day. I realized that it takes me about 1/2 mile to really get in the groove and I can’t stop to walk for a bit when I get a tired because then I have a hard time picking it up again. I just need to maybe slow it down a little bit & breathe and once I’m back in the groove again I keep it going. Yesterday I was up at my parents & I could’ve used their treadmill but I really love it outside. I had my Nike Plus with me so I went around their block a few times. Going around 1 time is about 1/2 mile & I was able to jog non stop 4 times! That last time around was tough but i just kept moving. I knew if i stopped for even a minute I wouldn’t be able to get going again. I was so excited to have went 2 miles! I then walked around 1 time to total 2.6 miles.
I really enjoy jogging outside. I’ve been dreaming about the day I got a house because then I’d buy a treadmill but I’m loving it outside. I am now addicted to outside jogging! Who needs a treadmill?! (maybe in the winter I’ll want a treadmill again..hehe)

I have some questions if anyone reading could answer….

1. Is it better to go faster or longer? I plan on staying at my current pace for a while which is between 11-12 minute miles & working on my distance, but at some point would it be better to go further or faster? (and yes I know both would be best)

2. I’m using Nike Plus to track my workouts. I’m starting with a 1/4 mile walk & ending with a 1/2 mile walk and tracking it the entire time with the Nike+. Do you only track the jogging with the Nike Plus so you don’t bring your pace down? It seems like the Nike+ does an average of the entire workout which makes my entire workout slower.

Scale’s not moving

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I’m getting very frustrated these days. I know losing inches is much more important than seeing the scale go down…and don’t get me wrong I’m very happy about that but it doesn’t help me with weight watchers…
I like going to weight watchers. I like having that “deadline” where I have to be weighed in front of someone a specific day each week. I up’d my lifetime weight from 142 (which was picked when I was 20 years old and became a lifetime member) to 150 thinking I’d only have to pay the $40 for 2 months because I could lose 15 pounds in that time. I’ve lost 30 pounds in 2-3 months in the past so that 15 should come off in no time, especially since I’m working out like never before. Nope! This past month I’ve only lost about 6 pounds.
If weight watchers didn’t go by weight alone then I wouldn’t mind so much because I have lost inches. I took pictures of myself before starting 30 day shred then I took more pictures wearing the same stuff yesterday & I can see a difference. I’m also measuring myself & see that my measurements are going down. I also went shopping the other day because my size 16 jeans were just wayyyy too big so I needed a new pair and I fit perfectly in a size 12. But weight watchers doesn’t go by these things and spending $40 a month when I’m not working isn’t cool. I’m already spending a pretty penny on certain healthy foods.
There’s only a couple days left of 30 day shred so I’m gonna finish. I’m hoping I’m just gaining muscle which I know is heavier. After I finish the shred I’ll be switching things around between The Biggest Loser’s Cardio Max DVD & trying c25k. I also plan on doing the shred 3 times a week but I’m gonna give all weight stuff a rest for about 2 weeks to see if I see any change on the scale. If I do then I’ll be happier to know that it is just muscle gain and get back to using my weights…but if it’s not then I need to really figure out what I’m doing wrong with my weight watchers points.
I’m just a spoiled brat & had it easy in the past. Now I gotta really work hard to lose this weight. Having a baby really screwed up my body! What’s funny is I’m trying to lose all this weight to get fit & then plan on trying for baby #2 around the end of summer…haha!

Question: Working out & jogging:

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This is more of a question post and Twitter doesn’t give me enough space…

I workout every day doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. In a couple days, once the 30 days is over, I plan on alternating between other videos (weight training & cardio) but will be doing a workout DVD 6 days a week. I’d like to also start doing c25k which is 3 days a week. I’ve heard on Jillian Michaels podcast (& other places) that it’s best to workout in the morning or early day because your body continues to burn calories & fat from your meals as the day goes on (maybe I’m not saying it right). It’s also more effective to do all your working out together to keep your heart rate up. Since I’m home with an infant I’m usually only able to fit in the 30 minute DVD during her 11am nap. I’m thinking of jogging in the evening after dinner which would be around 8pm because that’s when it’ll work best for me, it’s not too hot & it’ll be getting dark (so people won’t see me that well, hehe).

What’s your thoughts on that? I know any working out is better than none but I want all my hard work to be very effective.

First month on Weight Watchers

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Today I’ve been on Weight Watchers for 4 weeks and I’ve only lost a total of 6 pounds. This really annoys me and I know it really shouldn’t. As I mentioned in another post I’ve been following weight watchers for about 8 months now (started after my baby was about a month old) and lost about 30 pounds on my own. I still had 20 pounds to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight and I thought going back & paying will help me be more strict because I have a deadline…I don’t want to spend $40 forever & I’ll get back to my lifetime weight faster.
My starting weight was 166.8 & month weekly weigh-ins:
1.) 164.8
2.) 162.2
3.) 162.2
4.) 160.8
Since I didn’t lose any weight last week I thought I’d lose at least 2 pounds this week. I was blaming “Aunt Flow” for not losing (and the fact I had a good eating Mothers Day weekend) last week. I figured all the extra fluid I was retaining during Aunt Flow would’ve been gone & I would’ve see good numbers this week.
Besides staying on program I’ve been working my ass off with 30 day shred. The 2 other times I’ve done weight watchers in the past I never worked out like this. The last time I did sort of but only used the treadmill & elliptical at the gym and it didn’t last very long. Both times I lost 30 pounds within 2-3 months losing at least 2 pounds each week, usually more. The 1st time I kept the weight off for a while but it slowly crept back on. The last time I got pregnant so during the pregnancy I thought I was free to eat whatever so I gained about 60-70lbs figuring i’d lose it fast like I have in the past….nope!
I do think 30 day shred is working, and I know muscle weighs more than fat but I need to see the scale move. I am fitting back in a size 12 jeans instead of a 16 but I need to see the scale move faster.
Need to wrap up this post because Fiona is starting to fuss but I’m gonna try a few things this week: Drink more water, walk more on top of just doing 30 day shred, and (try) not use my activity points.

Weight Watchers & 30 Day Shred

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Since having Fiona 9 months ago I’ve been trying to lose all the weight I put on while I was pregnant. As I mentioned before, I was 210 the day after I gave birth and on my wedding in October, a month before getting pregnant, I was between 140-145. All these months I’ve been somewhat following the weight watchers program but not perfectly. Most days I went over my daily points but not terribly so Ive still been losing, but very slowly.
On April 23rd I really rejoined weight watchers by going and getting weighed in by them….and paying monthly. When I’m home doing weight watchers on my own it’s like I don’t really have a day. No one to be embarrassed in front of if I’ve gained. The meetings do help me but the weekly weigh-ins are what really keep me on track. At my 1st weigh-in I was 166.8 which means I lost 43.2 pounds in about 8 months which is good but very very slow. Because I’ve been somewhat doing weight watchers $ losing I didn’t have that big 1st week loss but i did lose 2 pounds. Yesterday I went & I lost 2.6 pounds…so I lost more weight in those 2 weeks than I did on my own in 1 month.
I also started doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. There is a group of us doing it together that will really help me stay with it. We started it on Monday May 3rd and will finish June 2nd. I like how there are specific dates so I don’t stop & say “I’ll restart it tomorrow”…being the worst procrastinator in the world tomorrow will be days or even weeks away! So far I’ve done 5 days and really feel a huge difference since day 1. On day 1 I could barely do any push ups, the lifts with the side lunges…actually I was barely to complete or stay with any of the moves. Most of the time I’d have to stop on each exercise even for just a second. In just 5 short days I was able to basically able to keep up with all of them. I think having a good breakfast 30 minutes before had a ton to do with it. Usually I have a bowl of cereal an hour before exercising. Yesterday 30 minutes before I had a weight watchers bagel with 3 egg whites & 2 pieces of ham. Having a breakfast like that really gave me a ton of energy. I’m really going to try & do that more often.

This weeks goal is to have a good breakfast before working out, drink more water, and try to eat more filling foods.

To find out more about the 30 Day Shred Challenge check out

Dress too warmly

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I have a real problem with getting Fiona dressed since the nice weather is back. My main problem is when it’s somewhere between 55-75 degrees. I’m always cold! My husband teases me when he goes outside in shorts (in 65-70 degree weather) & I got out with a light sweatshirt. It’s not summer yet. Since he’s always hot he complains that I have too much clothes on Fiona. The doctor said you should always have a layer more of clothes on a baby than you’d wear so that’s what I do. It may be a problem though when you’re always cold…Fiona has proved it to me by sweating so now I’ll usually dress her the same as I’m dressed which is still too much in my husband’s eyes. I think it’s better for her to be too warm & sweat a little because then I can always take stuff off…if she’s cold she can’t tell me & there’s no way for me to know (unless she cries). I’m also in denial I think because I’m always dressing her too warm because I’m always having to take something off! When it is breezy or slightly chilly I have hats I put on her. It may look silly when she has a hat on in 65 degree weather but she has no hair!
Am I the only one having this problem? What do you do?